Academy Qualifications

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Recruiting for the next year's cohort begins each February with applications due in April. The applications are screened by the WELA Board of Directors who on average select 12 to 15 participants per year. The annual assessment fee to the colleges provides each college with a registration-free participant once each three-year cycle. Colleges are welcomed to submit applications for additional employees to participate in the program for an additional registration fee. All interested candidates are encouraged to work with their supervisor and college president to apply for admission into the program.

Washington Executive Leadership Academy applicants should be Washington State community and technical college employees with:

  • at least three years of experience at a mid or top-level administrative position such as dean, director or vice-president.
  • a record of successful leadership and management experiences that will be corroborated by senior administrators, faculty, and staff at their institution and in the system.
  • support from their president, with an institutional commitment to provide the time and financial resources required for the program.
  • education and experience that would allow them to successfully compete for the level of position sought.