Our Partners


The partnerships involved in the Washington Executive Leadership Academy (WELA) are critical to its success. Four partners helped develop the Academy and are ongoing sponsors of the program, each providing a representative to the WELA Advisory Board.

Washington State Board for Community & Technical Colleges (SBCTC)

The community and technical college system in Washington is governed by a state-level Board of Trustees and coordinated by members of the State Board staff. Both board and staff members participated in founding the Academy Advisory group.

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Washington Association of Community and Technical Colleges (WACTC)

The presidents of all system colleges form the group that guides implementation of state policy within the system, known by most as "WACTC." Three college presidents participated in the founding and development of the program.

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Washington State Association of College Trustees (ACT)

Trustees from all colleges in the Washington State system participate in a state-wide organization designed to enhance their ability to serve as trustees. Two ACT presidents participated in the development of the program.

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The ASSOCIATION of Washington Community and Technical College Administrators

The "ASSOCIATION" is a professional development organization developed by and for administrators in the Washington State community and technical college system. It keeps administrators current with significant issues in higher education through three conferences each year that combine nationally recognized speakers with local system experts. In 1998 it began developing programs to develop the skills and performance of system administrators. The ASSOCIATION runs a leadership development program for mid-level administrators called "Leading from the Middle."

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