Outcomes and Benefits

group of WELA cohorts

Strong leadership at any of the community and technical colleges in Washington State adds to the strength of the entire two-year college system. Individually and collectively, strong, capable leadership ultimately translates to improved service to communities and students.

By the end of the year-long academy, WELA participants will be able to:

  • assess interest in, and readiness for, a senior level administrative position
  • converse knowledgeably on key issues facing community and technical colleges in Washington State
  • interact effectively with system leaders, legislators and other state policy makers
  • demonstrate expanded understanding of college operations outside their own area of experience, as well as of external operations (fundraising, community relations)
  • identify personal leadership qualities and areas of improvement as well as resources for professional growth
  • access statewide resources to assist in job search process
  • present themselves effectively in application and interview situations
  • describe benefits and challenges of online learning, from personal experience as a learner

WELA is funded by the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC), the Washington Association of Community and Technical Colleges (WACTC), the Trustees Association of Community and Technical Colleges (TACTC), the Association, the community and technical colleges sponsoring a WELA participant, and the participant. All entities benefit from their investment in the program. Those benefits include:

System Benefits

The system benefits from having a cadre of experienced administrators who know system procedures and have developed the relationships which help them successfully move institutional and system initiatives. It also retains administrative talent rather than losing it to other states.

Institutional Benefits

A sponsoring institution benefits from the fresh perspectives and added capacities of the participant. Many sponsoring institutions want to help their participant be a strong candidate for internal promotion. Nearly half of those who have changed positions are still at the college that sponsored their participation. Institutions also reap the benefits of a better qualified pool when a vice-presidency or presidency position is open. When hiring a candidate from within the two-year college system, the institution benefits from a shorter learning curve and an administrator who is able to be effective much sooner at both the institutional and state level.