Academy Funding

piggy bank

The Washington Executive Leadership Academy (WELA) is a year-long program funded by a combination of sponsorships, annual college assessments and participant fees.

In acknowledgment of their commitment to developing leadership within Washington's two-year college system, the Trustees Association and the CTC Leadership Development Association each support the program with an annual sponsorship of $4,500.

The colleges are assessed $850 a year to support WELA. The dues covers the cost for each college to have a WELA participant once in every three-year cycle. Colleges wishing to send employees to WELA more often than once every three years pay a registration fee of $850 per participant for the additional participation. Additionally, colleges pay for food, lodging and travel costs associated with active participation in the program.

WELA participants pay a $350 registration fee as part of their commitment to the program. Because this is a year-long program, applicants should think carefully about the commitment of energy and time required to sustain work and learning over that period of time. As with anything of great value, the more a participant puts into the program, the more he/she will get out of the program.

The Trustees Association acts as the fiscal agent for the WELA program and the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges supports the program with administrative services.