Academy Class of 2007

Eddie J. Aubrey

Eddie J. Aubrey Eddie Aubrey joins WELA as the Director of Safety and Security at Tacoma Community College. His goal is to move first to a vice-presidency and ultimately to a presidency. He brings an unusual background as police officer, judge, and deputy prosecuting attorney to his work. Eddie holds a BA in Business Management and a JD in Law.

Chris Bailey

Chris Bailey Chris Bailey would like to become a college president. He enters WELA as the VP of Human Resources and Legal Affairs at Centralia College. He will be well positioned with a broad base of skills honed at the executive level in the legal, business, political and educational environments. Chris holds a B.A. in Business Administration and a J.D. in Law.

Connie Broughton

Connie Broughton Connie Broughton will enrich the 2007 WELA class with her unique perspective of Managing Director of Washington Online. She is interested in exploring her administrative options within the system. Connie's background includes grant writing and teaching at both two- and four-year institutions. She holds a MFA in Creative Writing and is a PhD candidate in American Studies. Connie has been the Director of eLearning and Open Education at SBCTC since 2011.

Bridgid Brunson

Bridgid Brunson Bridgid Brunson joins WELA as the Chief Financial Officer at Olympic College. She is interested in moving to a VP of Administrative Services position, and brings a varied background in finance in both public and private sector organizations. Bridgid holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Joseph Hauth

Joseph Hauth Joseph Hauth comes to WELA as Director of Research and Strategic Planning at the Seattle Community College District. He will explore instructional leadership and institutional effectiveness positions at the VP level. Joe has an extensive research and analysis background in the public sector and Washington legislature. He holds a MPA from the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs.

Karin Hilgersom

Karin Hilgersom Karin Hilgersom currently serves as the Dean of Arts and Sciences at Spokane Community College. To her interest in a Vice Presidency in Instruction, she brings a rich background as a faculty union negotiator and WEA lobbyist to add to her administrative experiences in both transfer and vocational instruction. Karin holds a MS in Rhetoric and Communication and a Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Management.

Sayumi Irey, Phd.

Sayumi Irey Sayumi Irey is interested in instructional leadership positions at the Dean and VP levels. She enters WELA as the Interim Director of Multicultural Services at Bellevue Community College, and prior to that, led the Ethnic and Cultural Studies department at BCC for two years. She brings the rich multicultural experience of work both in her native Japan and here in Seattle. Sayumi holds a MLIS degree and a Ph.D. from the University of Washington - Educational Leadership and Policy Program (EDLPS), earned in 2012.

Richard Penny

Richard Penny From 2003 to 2008, Richard Penny worked as Executive Director of Development at South Seattle Community College; he now serves as Vice Chancellor for Advancement and External Relations at the University of Washington Bothell. He holds a Ph.D. in Psychology/Neurobiology from Duke University and an MBA from City University. He teaches as well in the Richard W. Riley College of Education at Walden University, where he recently saw his 14th graduate student receive the Ed.D. degree. Richard Penny []

Peter Schmidt

Peter Schmidt Peter Schmidt is interested in a VP of Student Services position. He currently serves as Senior Associate Dean of Student Success and Retention at Edmonds Community College. Peter brings valuable experience from both student services and instruction, including service as faculty association president. In addition to being a licensed mental health counselor, Peter holds master's degrees in College Counseling and Clinical Psychology and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Pat Sisneros

Pat Sisneros Pat Sisneros joins WELA as Dean of the Business and Applied Technology Division at Everett Community College. In 2006 he served for six months as the interim VP of Administration, and is now interested in moving to A VP of Instruction position, with an ultimate goal of being a president. Pat's broad background includes work as a software engineer, small business owner and instructor at both two and four-year colleges. Pat holds an MBA in Marketing and Management.

Sylvia Thornburg

Sylvia Thornburg Sylvia Thornburg seeks a VP of Instruction position. She enters WELA as the Interim Dean of Instructional Operations at Clark College. Sylvia's experience includes a year as Interim VP of Instruction, along with multi-state faculty and administrative experiences at both two and four-year colleges. Sylvia holds both a MA and Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.